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Apr. 10th, 2012

"One Tree Hill" Icon Post - 9x11 - 'Danny Boy' & Other Random OTH

Heyy Guys!

Sooo yesterday, (Easter Sunday) I made a gigantic 2-part "One Tree Hill" series finale icon post, which can be viewed here:

OTH Series Finale Icon Post - Part I

  OTH Series Finale Icon Post - Part II   

& I said that today I'd post the icons I've made from episode 9x11 - "Danny Boy", as well as a few other random OTH icons I've made  recently. 

Well this is that post.

Please, please, PLEASE feel free to take & use anything you might happen to actually like, lol, that's what I make them for! My ONLY request is to please, please, PLEASE leave me comments! Feedback & critisicm, etc is very special & important to me.


- Ash - 

- 9x11 - "Danny Boy" -
[53 Icons]










- Random OTH Icons - 
[18 Icons]


Apr. 8th, 2012

BIG 200+ "One Tree Hill - Series Finale" Icon Post - Part II

This post is Part II only - Part I can be found here:

Part I - OTH Series Finale Icon Post (Naley Rain Scene, Bulk of Episode)


I Don't Wanna Be
Karen's Cafe
Final Scene 

- I Don't Wanna Be - 
[19 Icons]

- Karen's Cafe - 
[38 Icons]


-  'One Tree Hill' - Final Scene - 
[46 Icons]


BIG 200+ "One Tree Hill - Series Finale" Icon Post - Part I

Heyy Guys! 

Longggg time, no post for me. Literally. It's been almost exactly a year since my last LJ post. *sad face*. The no-fun, real life stuff has just been far too time consuming this past year, hehe!

Anywaysss - I'm back now & bigger than ever with this massive OTH icon post! 

These are all from the series finale, 9x13, "One Tree Hill"

(I also have quite a few less, haha, 9x11 - "Danny Boy" icons that I will post tomorrow.) 

I know I divvied all of them up kind of oddly & I'm sorry. I just found this to be the best way to try to keep them organized since there's so many of them. ... As you can all tell, I went a BIT overkill. But 9 years of my life just ended, I'm in mourning. What can I say? 

I actually found this SUPER challenging & time-consuming because I had to cap all of 9x13 by myself, (which I've never done before & I frankly don't think I'm very efficient at, LoL.)

Soooo please, please, PLEASE feel free to take & use anything you might happen to actually like, lol, that's what I make them for! My ONLY request is to please, please, PLEASE leave me comments! Feedback & critisicm, etc is very special & important to me.


- Ash - 

Series Finale - 9x13 - "One Tree Hill"

This post is Part I only - Part II  can be found here:

Part II - OTH Series Finale Icon Post (I Don't Wanna Be, Karen's Cafe, Final Scene)


Naley Rain Scene
Bulk of Episode

- Naley Rain Scene -


- Bulk of Series Finale -
[102 Icons]















Apr. 17th, 2011

April 17th, 2011 [Art-Update]

EDIT:  - In Jensen & Jareds individual journals I posted an example icon (1 of each) from "Frontierland". I REALLY want to change this as I've realized they are (obviously) spoiler pictures, but can not figure out how to edit or delete my entry in either.
Help on this would be GREATLY appreciated. 
Thank you, & I am REALLY sorry you guys!! 

 Hola Mishamigos!! 

I hope all of ya'll lovely livejournal people are having an absolutely wonderful weekend so far! 

I'm just stopping by to (obviously, haha!) post an 'art' update. 

If anyone actually happens to like anything, please feel MORE than free to take & use!

Comments, conversations & constructive *emphasizes* criticism are EXTREMELY highly wanted & appreciated and = absolute LOVE. 

I want to give MAJOR credit and thank you(s) to:

for all of their unbelievably amazing Con pix that they chose to share with us. Which my con-art in this update is made with & I will have plenty more where that came from in future updates using their pictures. So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! They're all stunning! 
Same goes for:
whose amazingly timely screencaps have made my 6x17 icons possible & again, will continue to do so in the future. LOVE you guys, LOVE it & LOVE our fandom!

Also - I've been looking through all of the recent posts of beautiful icons from the tv guide shoot, con, 6x17 etc & I want to apologize in advance for ugly-fying our SPN-fandom art. I really & truly do. ;P
- Ash - 
- Paul Wesley / Ian Somerhalder -
[6 Icons]

- Chad Michael Murray - 
[12 Icons]

- "Supernatural" -

[Cast + Show + Set + Conventions + Photoshoots] 

- Random - 

[6 Icons]

- 6x17 - "My Heart Will Go On" - 

[39 Icons]

- TV Guide Shoot - 

[49 Icons]

- Jensen / Con -

[42 Icons]

- Jensen Ackles / Random -

[6 Icons]

- Misha Collins / Random - 

[3 Icons]

6x18 - "Frontierland" - [Promo-Pic Icons]Collapse )

Feb. 17th, 2011

First Art/Icon Post On LJ .. EVER!

Heyy Guys!

Soo this is my very first livejournal post EVER. 

I'm honestly UBER nervous, haha and I know that I'm not really very good at LJ at all yet and that I'm especiallyyyy not great at making art yet!

But I wanted to post the things I've made so far here & BEG for constructive criticism from all of you gorgeous lj-artists from which whos pages I often lurk, hehe so please, please, PLEASE leave me comments not worrying about sounding mean or rude or anything of the sort. 

ANY advice I can get is SO much wanted & appreciated! 

Thank you all and if there actually does happen to be anything I've made that anyone would like to use, please feel more than free to do so!

Side-Note - I've also made quite a few animations & banners/walls which I will include in my future post(s)! 

- Ashley - 

Supernatural (Show & Cast)

- Misha Collins / Castiel - 
[18 Icons]


- Jeffrey Dean Morgan / Papa John Winchester -
[18 Icons]


-  Jensen Ackles / Dean Winchester - 
[18 Icons]


- Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki / J2 / Dean & Sam Winchester -
[30 Icons]


- Cast / Various -
[5 Icons]


 Beverly Hills 90210

- Show & Cast - 
[12 Icons]


The Vampire Diaries (Show & Cast) 

- Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley / Damon & Stefan Salvatore -
[18 Icons]




- Paul Wesley / Stefan Salvatore - 
[26 Icons]


- Paul Wesley & Nina Dobrev / Stefan Salvatore & Elena Gilbert - 
[11 Icons]




- Ian Somerhalder / Damon Salvatore - 
[18 Icons]


- Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev / Damon Salvatore & Elena Gilbert - 
[12 Icons] 


- Cast / Various -
[14 Icons]


Ghost Whisperer (Show & Cast)

- David Conrad & Jennifer Love Hewitt / Jim Clancy/Sam Lucas & Melinda Gordan - 
[20 Icons]

- David Conrad / Jim Clancy / Sam Lucas - 
[15 Icons]


- Various (Jamie Kennedy / Eli James, etc)
[7 Icons]


Other (Various)

- One Tree Hill / Rob Thomas / Dave Matthews / Sir Elton John / John Mayer / Matthew Perry / 90210 / Jeff Gordon -
[18 Icons]





Please. Please. PLEASE. Comment!! 
P.S. - ALL pictures credited to their original owners (I own none) & both promotional / studio /caps as WELL as fan photos were used in these icons.