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BIG 200+ "One Tree Hill - Series Finale" Icon Post - Part I

Heyy Guys! 

Longggg time, no post for me. Literally. It's been almost exactly a year since my last LJ post. *sad face*. The no-fun, real life stuff has just been far too time consuming this past year, hehe!

Anywaysss - I'm back now & bigger than ever with this massive OTH icon post! 

These are all from the series finale, 9x13, "One Tree Hill"

(I also have quite a few less, haha, 9x11 - "Danny Boy" icons that I will post tomorrow.) 

I know I divvied all of them up kind of oddly & I'm sorry. I just found this to be the best way to try to keep them organized since there's so many of them. ... As you can all tell, I went a BIT overkill. But 9 years of my life just ended, I'm in mourning. What can I say? 

I actually found this SUPER challenging & time-consuming because I had to cap all of 9x13 by myself, (which I've never done before & I frankly don't think I'm very efficient at, LoL.)

Soooo please, please, PLEASE feel free to take & use anything you might happen to actually like, lol, that's what I make them for! My ONLY request is to please, please, PLEASE leave me comments! Feedback & critisicm, etc is very special & important to me.


- Ash - 

Series Finale - 9x13 - "One Tree Hill"

This post is Part I only - Part II  can be found here:

Part II - OTH Series Finale Icon Post (I Don't Wanna Be, Karen's Cafe, Final Scene)


Naley Rain Scene
Bulk of Episode

- Naley Rain Scene -


- Bulk of Series Finale -
[102 Icons]
















Beautiful icons!
Thank you!!