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First Art/Icon Post On LJ .. EVER!

Heyy Guys!

Soo this is my very first livejournal post EVER. 

I'm honestly UBER nervous, haha and I know that I'm not really very good at LJ at all yet and that I'm especiallyyyy not great at making art yet!

But I wanted to post the things I've made so far here & BEG for constructive criticism from all of you gorgeous lj-artists from which whos pages I often lurk, hehe so please, please, PLEASE leave me comments not worrying about sounding mean or rude or anything of the sort. 

ANY advice I can get is SO much wanted & appreciated! 

Thank you all and if there actually does happen to be anything I've made that anyone would like to use, please feel more than free to do so!

Side-Note - I've also made quite a few animations & banners/walls which I will include in my future post(s)! 

- Ashley - 

Supernatural (Show & Cast)

- Misha Collins / Castiel - 
[18 Icons]


- Jeffrey Dean Morgan / Papa John Winchester -
[18 Icons]


-  Jensen Ackles / Dean Winchester - 
[18 Icons]


- Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki / J2 / Dean & Sam Winchester -
[30 Icons]


- Cast / Various -
[5 Icons]


 Beverly Hills 90210

- Show & Cast - 
[12 Icons]


The Vampire Diaries (Show & Cast) 

- Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley / Damon & Stefan Salvatore -
[18 Icons]




- Paul Wesley / Stefan Salvatore - 
[26 Icons]


- Paul Wesley & Nina Dobrev / Stefan Salvatore & Elena Gilbert - 
[11 Icons]




- Ian Somerhalder / Damon Salvatore - 
[18 Icons]


- Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev / Damon Salvatore & Elena Gilbert - 
[12 Icons] 


- Cast / Various -
[14 Icons]


Ghost Whisperer (Show & Cast)

- David Conrad & Jennifer Love Hewitt / Jim Clancy/Sam Lucas & Melinda Gordan - 
[20 Icons]

- David Conrad / Jim Clancy / Sam Lucas - 
[15 Icons]


- Various (Jamie Kennedy / Eli James, etc)
[7 Icons]


Other (Various)

- One Tree Hill / Rob Thomas / Dave Matthews / Sir Elton John / John Mayer / Matthew Perry / 90210 / Jeff Gordon -
[18 Icons]





Please. Please. PLEASE. Comment!! 
P.S. - ALL pictures credited to their original owners (I own none) & both promotional / studio /caps as WELL as fan photos were used in these icons.


Wesleyyyy. I can't believe you made me wait so long to see this full update! It's amazingggggg! :)
Great SPN stuff! ^^ Might snag some, saved to mems for now!
Loooovely icon =D I especially adore the SPN ones. Great job on them all! I'm snagging a couple of the VD ones to use-thanks a bunch for sharing!
i can't even pick a favourite, i love, love so many of these!
Oh my gosh, thank you all soo SOO much! You guys seriously have NO idea how much your compliments AND feedback (negative OR positive, hehe!) means to me!

It really does! I'm super new at this & anything & everything I can get I appreciate more than words can type!

strgazr04 - Here's the pic I used. I found it on tumblr a while back under a 'J2' search. ;D

I saved some Paul/Stefan icons!
Hey, welcome to LJ!!! I snagged a few of your Jensen's and J2's, and I'll definitely be watching for your animations.

Thanks for creating and sharing! Hope you enjoy the insanity here! *hugs*
BtW: I was wondering if you have an original of your Jensen with the Impalas pic you can share? *bats eyelashes*
Sweetie these are beyond gorgeous. Meming so I can come back tomorrow and grab lots of SPN, J2, VD, Ian etc.
Can't wait to see more of you work. ;)
LMAOOOOOOO thats hilarious!!!

You cropped me out of my SF Con J2 flexing pic!! hahhahahahaahahah. I was laughing so hard when I saw that!!! I'm so stealing it and using it as my icon!! hahahahahaahahaha That's awesome.
OH MY! Sooo many beauties that I snagged a ton and need to come back for more "phew" Will happily credit.


thats very nice

cute! thank you.

you can also read it in מלון דן כרמל (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npeF6e84Y-I) מלון ספורט קלאב אילת (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bbXD0Yks6g) מלון לגונה אילת (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDZGydwpXzk)
Very nice! I'm taking one of your JDM ones - the one with YED!John. He's just too hot to resist. :D
I'm late to this but I'm snagging some (and will of course credit!) - they're awesome. Thank you!